Artillery Conservation

John Slough of London has been making and restoring guns in our Hereford workshops since 1976, applying the latest technology to the conservation of period artillery. 


Our business is the restoration of any field, naval or garrison artillery and any coastal defence gun, the repair and reconstruction of carriages and mounts to reinstate them on their original holdfasts and in their proper emplacements. For much of our work it is necessary not only to be a registered firearms dealer, but to also have authority of the Secretary of State under section 5 of the firearms act. 


We offer a complete consultative service, in our archives we keep a comprehensive collection of original drawings, handbooks and reference books detailed information on period coastal defence, field guns and historic artillery, which serves our research and enables us to establish the provenance of a wide range of ordinance. 


Conservation assessments, proof reports and feasibility studies are carried out with the benefit of expert knowledge and long experience. 


Where none exist we can produce drawings as original for the manufacture of components and complete guns.

Artillery for sale 13pdr QF WW1 Field Gun

Artillery for sale 13pdr QF WW1 Field Gun

circa: 1916


13pdr QF Field Gun

WW1 Howitzer

Artillery for sale 4.5 WW1 Howitzer

circa: 1916


4.5 WW1 Howitzer

Russian Gun

Russian Gun


Gun captured at Sebastopol