Artillery Conservation Techniques

Breech mechanisms

This interrupted threaded breech block in full working order on a 12 Pounder Field Gun is just one of the many intricate devices manufactured to the highest standards by our precision engineers.


Damaged wrought iron can be reconstructed using original materials and methods. This image shows the trail of an 18 Pounder Q.F. that has been rebuilt using hot rivets.


Using seasoned elm, ash and oak our wheelwrights can make any period wheel to the original design. This wheel of a 4.5 Howitzer of a 1918 has been rebuilt retaining the original tyre and hub.

Standing carriage

The wrought iron garrison standing carriage of 1867 is produced in the traditional way. It is used to display gun barrels of all periods, to good effect. It can be made with cast iron trucks for land or wooden trucks suitable for naval service