Rigby single trigger d/b holster pistol

Rigby single trigger d/b holster pistol


A William and John Rigby single trigger double-barrelled holster pistol.


A cased double-barrelled single-trigger 13 bore percussion holster pistol by William and John Rigby, Suffolk Street, Dublin. The single trigger is very rare. It has a swivel ramrod, original browned damascus barrels with back-action locks. A cap-box is fitted in the butt, overall engraved in typical Rigby style. The nipples are the size to take top-hat caps, it has vented platinum plugs and breeches with platinum lines. The rib is engraved with the name 'Wm & Jn Rigby, Dublin'.


The gun is in overall immaculate condition and is in its original fitted oak case with William and John's trade label. The case has all original fittings and the pistol with its case was sold in 1847 to Captain Edward Tredcroft of the Fourth Light Dragoons and comes with a copy of the original invoice.


The gun is mentioned in the book 'Rigby' by DHL Back, Pg 136.