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Flintlock Breech Loading Pistol

Flintlock Breech Loading Pistol


Freeman Breech loading Pistol


A 20 bore flintlock breech-loading silver mounted duelling pistol circa 1725 by James Freeman, Gunmaker at The Fowler near the church in St Martin’s Lane, London.


It has a tip-up cannon barrel released by backward pressure of the sliding trigger guard, with an iron cartridge and engraved tang. It has an automatic priming magazine fitted with a sprung engaged hinged cover, with a silver butt cap with a grotesque mask. Overall length: 40cm.


James Paul Freeman was admitted to the freedom of the Gunmakers’ Company in 1716 and in the same year took over the premises in St Martin’s Lane previously occupied by Andrew Dolep. He was Master in 1772, both he and his son, also James, were famous for making fine breech-loading pistols.


A similar pistol is illustrated in Neal & Back’s ‘British Gunmakers, 1540 to 1740’, Plate 183.

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