Forsyth Duelling Pistol


Forsyth Duelling Pistol


An octagonal single-barrelled 10in 48 bore duelling pistol with sliding primer marked 'Forsyth & Co Patent Gunmakers, London'. The barrel was forged by William Follard and is fitted with a rear sight. The serial no: 3045 appears on the barrel, breech and lock-plate. It is half-stocked with a square-backed triggerguard.


The pistol belonged to the 4th Earl of Fife and has his crest engraved on the silver escutcheon. The gun is described on Pg 57 of 'Forsysth & Co. Patent Gunmakers' by Keith Neal and David Back and is shown on plates 35 and 36.


There is a small dent on the underside rib which is also shown in Keith & Back's plates.

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