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John Manton Duelling Pistols

John Manton Duelling Pistols


Antique Cased pair of John Manton & Son duelling pistols



A cased pair of John Manton percussion duelling pistols by John Manton & Son with 44 bore 10in twist scratch rifled barrels with original brown, signed 'John Manton & Son, Dover Street', with platinum vent.

The lock profusely engraved and signed 'JNo Manton & Son Patent' with bolted safety catches.

Original ramrods.


Complete in its original case with all accessories.  


The trade label in the lid bears the No:6 Dover Street address.

Overall 75 - 80% original finish.


Silver escutcheons on the stock bear the family crest of the Earls of Hopetoun.

The Hope family has been titled for over 300 years and the family oirigins are believed to date back to John Hope shown in the Edinburgh Burgess Rolls.


These pistols belonged to the Fourth Earl who was the Captain General of the Royal Company of Archers which was recognized during King George IV's visit to Scotland as his official bodyguard in Scotland.

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