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Pair of Forsyth Duelling Pistols

Pair of Forsyth Duelling Pistols


A cased pair of Forsyth sliding primer half stocked duelling pistols with 11" octagonal twist barrels signed Forsyth and Co Patent Gunmakers, London.

Maker's engraved lock and square trigger guards.

Serial numbers 3471 and 3472 circa 1828.

Complete with loading tools with very rare lock dismantling tool.

Green velvet lined case and original trade label for No.8 Leicester Street, London.


Alexander John Forsyth (1768-1843), a Scottish clergyman with an interest in sport,

mechanics and chemistry, patented his device for igniting a gun from fulminate of mercury in 1807.

Soon after his company was established with workmen under the master gunmaker James Purdey.

For a full account see Neal and Back, 1969.

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