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Percussion Target Pistols

Percussion Target Pistols


Cased pair of Percussion Target Pistols


An unusual cased pair of 60 bore saw-handled percussion target pistols for ‘Imperial’ caps by Samuel & Charles Smith, with London proof marks, numbered 4871 for 1837. With heavy signed etched twist octagonal barrels, breeches engraved ‘Smith’s Patent’ within a platinum rectangle, scroll engraved tangs each incorporating a back-sight, signed scroll engraved back-action locks with safety-catch, engraved hammers, figured maple half-stocks, chequered octagonal butts with a plain strip on each side, scroll engraved iron mounts, silver escutcheon in each flat pommel, silver barrel-bolt escutcheons, no provision for ramrods and some original finish. In original lined and fitted mahogany case with accessories, the lid with illustrated trade label for Samuel & Charles Smith of Leicester Square, London.


Provenance: W W Greener, ‘The Gun and its Development’, ninth edition Pg 100.

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