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Purdey double-barrelled percussion pistol

Purdey double-barrelled percussion pistol


A double-barrelled percussion pistol by J Purdey.


A cased double-barrelled 20 bore holster pistol by J Purdey with browned twist barrels, original ramrod, with bolted side-locks, signed: 'Purdey'. The rib is signed ' J Purdey No:314 1/2 , Oxford Street, London' serial no:1914 under the barrels, with double trigger and some original finish on the trigger-guard.


It is in a case made for a pair of pistols, the missing pistol is serial no:1915 as mentioned in 'The Early Purdeys' by Patrick Unsworth, Pg 132. The case is original with original accessories including a double-barrel red leather three-way Purdey flask by James Dixon, and the Purdey trade label with the Oxford Street address.

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